Originally posted 5/22

When I initially decided I was going to begin the journey to get my dream job, I didn’t realize how much work it was going to be. My first and the most crucial step in the process came in January of 2015. I did a google search for “women’s networking groups in New York City.Being an extremely skeptical person, I scoured every website that popped up. New York Women in Communications was the only one that seemed legit enough to pass my test.

My first event with them was the 2015 New Year, New You. On the train ride to the city, I searched all the guest speakers on LinkedIn. As soon as a came across Carla Moore’s profile, I knew I had to meet her. At that point, I decided I wouldn’t leave that event until I introduced myself to her.

At the time, Carla Moore was the Vice President of Talent Acquisition at HBO. As I have come to find out, she’s a heavy hitter in her professional life, very down to earth, while simultaneously being an encouraging light to those she believes in.

That night, I was so impressed by the caliber of woman she was. She held her own on a panel of women who clearly didn’t have the same values as her (one of which insinuated that flirting in the workplace was essential for women to climb the corporate ladder. Carla made it clear she did NOT agree) She was professional but didn’t hesitate to say what was on her mind.

After the event was over, people eagerly surrounded her in the hopes of getting her business card. By the time I got to her, she ran out of business cards. I asked her to tell me about the Carla Moore Show, a college show she hosted. She was so taken aback that she asked me how I knew about it. I replied “LinkedIn” and she gave me her email. To this day, she is my mentor.